Your partner in life claims management

EMLife was established with a simple vision: to contribute towards a sustainable Life Insurance industry that delivers an improved experience for customers.

Formed in response to the challenges facing the Life Insurance industry, EMLife brings a deep understanding of personal injury and an award-winning case management model to Life.

EMLife draws on more than 100 years personal injury claims management experience across multiple personal injury portfolios. Our proven approach delivers outstanding results and a world-class customer experience, especially for complex and long-duration claims.

Since commencement in 2016, we have realised significant reserve release for our life insurance partners by focusing on delivering unrivalled return to work outcomes and a measurably better experience for customers.

Underpinning this proven model, our people remain at the heart of our difference: they are passionate, driven and personally invested in every claim. They are supported by a culture that, from the Executive onwards, puts your customers at the heart of everything we do.