Making life easier for our partners


Our values-based culture empowers purpose-driven people to apply behavioural economics & motivational interviewing within a truly customer-centered model.

This approach is helping the life industry achieve outstanding results:

Leading return to work outcomes
Five times the industry average for 4 year+ income protection claims

Sustained Closures
A low 2% re-open rate on return to work closures

Outstanding Customer Advocacy
Unprompted positive feedback received from 20% of the portfolio

Award-winning claims approach
- Recipient of the Best Service Provider Award at the 2020 Insurance Business Australia Awards
- Recipient of PIEF Excellence in Accident, Illness and Death Management (Life Insurance) Award 2018
Recipient of Aluca Swiss RE 'Excellence & Innovation in Return to Work' Award, 2016

Customer feedback

“I have appreciated your attention and I think it is a good initiative to have a case manager. I wish it had come much earlier in my situation as I had really lost trust with the organisation – takes time and effort to rebuild. You were the only person to actually reach out and contact me to see how I was travelling – something that had never happened previously.”

“I’m a teacher and I have been training people for over 30 years. My specialisation is communication and I teach people how to excel in this. You have the most beautiful customer service strategy. I tell you from my heart. You have SO helped me with your beautiful manner. I am so impressed with your efficient manner and customer service. I am VERY grateful. I feel so much better having spoken [to] you.”